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Fast, Easy & Deadly-Accurate Capital Structure Models

Analyze key deal terms and see all the angles—
before you sign the term sheet.

Valuative Software
Kevin Spain | General Partner

Valuative is a fantastic help for VCs to structure new investments and evaluate follow-on options. The whole tool is killer!

Amar Goel | Founder & Chairman

Valuative boils down what happens at exit—and how the exit will impact entrepreneurs, employees and investors. No deal should get done in Silicon Valley without this software.

Over $200M invested to date in Valuative-analyzed deals

Powerfully Simple Models

Powerful, flexible models with a point-and-click interface

Point-and-click your way to expert-level models. Enjoy total flexibility with no limits and no “if-thens.” Try dozens of alternative structures and exit scenarios in seconds, not hours.

Real Terms, Not If-Thens

All the terms you need, without ugly formulas

If a private company uses it, we’ve got it. Everything from Anti-Dilution to Warrants, plus all the bells and whistles. No more ugly formulas—build models in plain English.

Action-Packed Reports

Board-ready presentations at lightning speed

Produce insightful analysis and Board-ready presentations at lightning speed. See the big picture (plus all the details). Gain the edge you need at the bargaining table.

Fast, Accurate Answers

Fast and accurate answers, backed by exhaustive testing

Make the right decision in minutes, without risking expensive mistakes. Count on our track record on multi-million dollar deals, optimal algorithms, and extensive testing.