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No More Ugly Spreadsheets | Yes, It’s Real

As an analyst (and Excel geek) at a VC firm in Silicon Valley, David spent hours tweaking models and attempting to create the perfect template. With Aaron’s help, he realized there must be a better way, and Valuative was born.

Valuative, a custom-built application, is a big improvement over complex spreadsheets that are time-consuming to produce, cumbersome to maintain, and prone to significant errors.

Our software helps you figure out how, according to the terms of the securities in the capital structure, the “pie” of proceeds will be sliced (commonly called “waterfall” or “liquidation” analysis).

David Sachs

David Sachs, Co-Founder, Valuative

David Sachs | Co-Founder

David is a co-Founder of Valuative. He survived the pain of modeling complex capital structures as an analyst at Redpoint Ventures, going door-to-door to other VCs on a hunt for “ugly spreadsheets.” David was also a Senior Associate at Trident Capital, a growth equity firm in Palo Alto.

He was later COO of 3rd Power LLC, organizer of the Social Gaming Summit and Virtual Goods Summit, sold to Web Media Brands (Nasdaq: WEBM). He also helped organize the 2010 and 2011 Startup Lessons Learned conferences with Eric Ries and Charles Hudson.

Before Redpoint, he was a Product Manager at online golf retailer Chipshot.com, and an investment banker at NationsBanc Montgomery Securities. David has an AB in Government from Harvard University and an MBA in Finance and Accounting from Wharton, where he was a Palmer Scholar. He is a CFA charterholder and a NREMT-B.

Aaron Mohrman

Aaron Mohrman, Co-Founder, Valuative Software

Aaron Mohrman | Co-Founder

Aaron Mohrman is a co-Founder of Valuative, where he designed and implemented our novel and provably-optimal algorithms.

Beyond Valuative, Aaron has worked in a variety of roles at innovative technology companies, including as a solution consultant in Oracle’s retail software unit, product manager in Amazon Web Services, and development lead at Retek Information Systems.

Aaron has an MBA from the University of North Carolina, a MS in Software Engineering from the University of Minnesota, and a BA in Mathematics from Macalester College. He is a Life Master at contract bridge, and enjoys movies that are too slow, guitars that are too loud, and Scotch that is too peaty.