Reports & Charts

Report, Analyze, and Optimize

Board-ready reports and interactive charts transform input into insight

Valuative’s built-in template library makes producing attractive, presentation-ready charts and reports quick and easy. Reports include:

  • Capital structures at exit (adjusted for vesting and anti-dilution)
  • Optimal conversion decision for each security at each exit value
  • Proceeds, cash-on-cash returns and IRR for each security and shareholder upon exit
  • Graphs of payouts, multiples and proportional proceeds to each investor and security at exit

Comparing multiple capital structure alternatives head-to-head is a snap with Valuative. Put alternative scenarios—such as “sale vs. new financing” or “low price with no terms vs. high price with terms”— to the test and see how your proceeds stack up. Run an Interactive Chart for quick answers, create a printable report in PDF/export to Excel for the full details.

Valuative also provides analytics, including a Round Price Tool to help calculate prices of new securities at a target pre-money value, taking into account option pool expansion, anti-dilution effects, etc.

All the Data You Need to Decide

Translating term sheets into answers is tricky. With Valuative’s built-in charts and reports, high-level analysis and bottoms-up detail are both at your fingertips.

  • Comprehensive library of reports and charts
  • Pick an exit range (high, low and interval values) & date
  • Automatic calculation of optimal conversion decisions, dollars paid at exit, cash-on-cash multiples, IRRs, etc.
  • Detailed reporting on capital structures, conversion decisions, and proceeds
  • Compare results head-to-head for each shareholder or security for alternative financing scenarios
  • Minimal data entry yields extensive charts and reports

Interactive Charts = Quick Answers

Just want to experiment and run a few back-of-the-envelope calculations? Interactive Charts let you quickly compare payouts to each security and investor under different financing and exit scenarios.

  • Analyze one capital structure or compare 2+ head-to-head
  • Focus on specific investors or securities, or see them all
  • No recalculation required between chart selections
  • You’re in control: zoom in, zoom out, alter chart ranges
  • Save to a file, copy and paste anywhere

Detailed Capital Structure Status & History

See your capital structures as of the exit date, including automatic adjustments for anti-dilution and vesting. Use the “evolving history” reports and charts to track round-by-round changes in ownership.

  • Details on fully-diluted shares and ownership as of exit
  • Inspect full details behind anti-dilution calculations
  • View as-issued and anti-dilution-adjusted ownership side-by-side
  • See vesting-affected and fully-diluted ownership side-by-side

Eye-Catching Reports in Multiple Formats

Valuative’s built-in library of reports (containing charts and tables) gives you presentation-ready output in mere minutes.

  • Produce Board-level reports and charts in PDF
  • Full Excel export for your inner spreadsheet geek
  • Reports saved to your library for quick reference
  • Lightweight files for easy sharing