From Zero to Answer in Five Easy Steps

Let Valuative’s capital structure wizard guide you.

With Valuative’s easy-to-use wizard, the insight you need to make key decisions on term sheets, M&A and capital structures is just a few clicks away.

As shown below, Valuative guides you step-by-step through creating a capital structure that is ready to be analyzed. While building a complete model takes only minutes, you can still pause, save, and resume your work anytime.

1. Add Basic Info and Investors

First enter basic information about the company we’re analyzing. You’ll want to have the current capital structure and Articles of Incorporation handy.

Name your capital structure, and add the investors, founders, and employees who will own, invest in, and/or lend to the company.

  • Add Individuals (e.g., Management)
  • Add Corporations (e.g., VCs)
  • Add Funds (optional, for VCs)

2. Create Rounds

Now we’ll add Rounds to the capital structure, in chronological order (earliest first). Add each existing Round, and any potential future Rounds you’d like to analyze as well.

Have a Round that includes two or more tranches? Not to fear—each Investment in a Round (see below) has its own date and can include an unlimited number of securities.

For example:

  • Add a “Founders” round at incorporation
  • Add a “Seed” round for the first money in
  • Add a “Series A” for the first VC round, etc.
  • Keep adding rounds as needed. No limits!

3. Configure Securities

The wizard will through each round you just created to add the Securities sold/awarded in that Round.

Valuative will ask relevant questions to configure the exact terms of each security.

Much like tax preparation software, inapplicable items will be skipped to speed you to the finish.

  • Interview-style questions
  • No complex formulas
  • Everything from Anti-Dilution to Warrants
  • No limits on securities in each round
Sample Configuration: Preferred Stock + Convertible Debt

To illustrate, have a look at our easy-to-follow configuration options for Preferred Stock and Convertible Debt:

4. Add Investments in Securities

Next, we’ll record who purchased (or was awarded) each of the Securities in the Round.

For each Security, Valuative will ask who the Investors/Owners are and how many shares and/or dollars worth they own. Assign a date for the transaction, enter the amount paid (if any), and you’re done.

  • Point-and-click to add an investment in a security
  • Unlimited investors, securities, and investments
  • Handles multiple tranches with ease
  • Auto-calculates time-based vesting, interest due, etc.

5. Report & Analyze

That’s it! You’ve got a complete capital structure model that’s ready to analyze.

From here you can get quick answers with the interactive charting tool, run detailed reports, and share your work.

Even better, with just one click, you can clone your new capital structure and tweak it to compare alternatives side-by-side.