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Slice through complex calculations with Valuative’s built-in analysis tools

We often hear (especially from attorneys) that calculating the price of a new round with anti-dilution effects and/or option pool expansion is among the more frustrating modeling tasks our users face.

Valuative’s unique Round Price Tool cuts through this complexity, with an easy-to-use interface that simplifies these calculations.

We help you compute the actual price and number of shares to be issued, given a target pre-money valuation, option pool expansion (if any), and/or anti-dilution adjustments.

Hit Your Target (Option Pool)

Figuring out how many options to issue to replenish a pool as part of a new round isn’t always easy. Until now.

  • Set a target option pool % (fully diluted)
  • Pick option shares included in existing pool
  • Calculate new options to hit target pool
  • Apply anti-dilution adjustments, as needed
  • Issue options before or simultaneously with new financing

Goodbye Circular References

The Round Price Tool can save you hours, as it uses the capital structure you’ve already built in Valuative.

Calculate anti-dilution adjusted share prices in seconds and make quick work of pricing a new round.

  • Set new pre-/post-money and investment amount
  • Adjust all or selected securities for anti-dilution
  • Calculate the share price of the new round, including any new options
  • See the impact of waiving or maintaining anti-dilution security-by-security