Protect Your Upside

Everything You Need to Protect Your Upside

Create capital structures, run exit scenarios, make the right call

Making the right decisions on financings and M&A is crucial to realizing the value of your hard work and investment in a startup.

Before you shake hands on a deal, you need to see all the angles. Valuative’s accurate analyses—backed by our track record on real deals worth millions—spell out the financial impact of different terms and exit scenarios, empowering you to make crucial decisions quickly and with confidence.

Better yet, we give you back the hours you’d spend building spreadsheets, so you can focus on what matters: growing your business.

The Right Decision, Every Time

Valuative helps you understand the true economics around the table as you consider term sheets and acquisition offers. In short: Who makes how much? And how?

  • Tests 100s of exits over a range (vs. Excel’s few)
  • Enter a low, high and interval value for exit
  • Calculates value of each security at exit value
  • Selects optimal decision to maximize return
  • Reports & charts show each party’s proceeds

Built For (And From) the Real World

Valuative lets you build models using meaningful, real-world terms like Convertible Debt or Preferred Stock, instead of abstract and convoluted formulas.

Simply choose the securities in your capital structure and set their terms to match the legal documents.

  • Go straight from the docs to a working model
  • Skip the complex formulas and nested if-then’s
  • No limits, no workarounds, no worksheets full of mystery numbers, no Excel voodoo

Speed, Speed and More Speed

Our users have generated dozens of alternative scenarios, tried various terms and valuations, and made the right call. And in less time than it takes to build just the “base case” in a spreadsheet.

Sure, you could build a model from scratch, or modify an existing template to save a few steps. But why spend hours when you could spend minutes?

  • Tackle even complex models with point-and-click tools
  • Interactive charts yield complete answers in seconds

Compare Alternatives Head-to-Head

How does one term sheet compare to another, or to an M&A exit? Which is preferable, a higher valuation or simpler terms? What if the company raises another round?

Valuative makes creating and comparing alternatives a snap.

  • Clone an entire capital structure with one click
  • Directly compare shareholder proceeds for each case
  • See multiple scenarios on a single page report/chart
  • Find the range over which one alternative is superior
  • Figure out what’s worth negotiating for: see which terms drive your returns and which ones don’t

Unlimited Flexibility, Unrivalled Simplicity

Spreadsheet templates can be brittle. Move one cell, and it’s nothing but #REF!s everywhere. Worse yet, most handle only typical cases, which is the easy stuff.

Valuative removes these limits and gives you the flexibility to match your unique situation—without compromising on simplicity or ease-of-use.

  • Unlimited investors
  • Unlimited capital structures
  • Unlimited rounds
  • Unlimited securities
  • Unlimited investments
  • Unlimited charts and reports

Impeccably Accurate Results

Our valuation engine’s accuracy has been verified on real deals and through extensive testing. And you can harness its power without entering a single formula.

  • Relied upon in real deals worth over $200 million
  • Thousands of tests to $0.001-level accuracy
  • Built-in library of verified formulas
  • Spreadsheets (even templates) prone to serious mistakes

Expert-Level Models for Everyone

With Valuative’s point-and-click interface, anyone can build expert-level models. Excel gurus (you know who you are) can tackle dozens of complex scenarios in minutes instead of hours.

  • Wizard guides you from inputs to real answers
  • On-screen help for securities & their features
  • Gain the informational edge only experts enjoyed
  • Simplify even the hairiest recaps and down rounds